Health Care Without Walls provides compassionate, comprehensive, and gender-respected health care and care coordination to unhoused and housing insecure women, women-identified and families. 

Our model of care is designed to address the full spectrum of health needs for vulnerable unhoused and housing-insecure women. Health care needs we address include acute and chronic medical conditions (such as heart disease, diabetes, mental illness). Among the health determinants we address are housing, benefits, food, transportation and safety concerns.

The backbone of our organization is our nursing team and community health workers. Together with our volunteer physicians, they provide care that is personalized and tender and includes diagnostic tests, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, referrals, education, and counseling. Our clients range from one day old infants to women in their nineties, and all of them bound by the common need for human kindness–given without red tape, bureaucratic hurdles, or stigmatization.

There are rising numbers of homeless women in MA and not enough resources to take care of them. At the same time, the level of violence against these women is a public health crisis. We had to call this out.