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Homeless Women in Boston

Homeless Women in Boston

Physicians and volunteers from Health Care Without Walls provide over $500,000 in free care each year and oversee almost 7,000 onsite patient visits. Health Care Without Walls relies on private donations and grants to help pay for the medical supplies and ancillary services that complement the free care.

Health Care Without Walls is a tax-exempt organization under the IRS letter ruling 501(c)3. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

  • 1,000 and up supports nursing.
  • $500 buys asthma nebulizers and tubing.
  • $250 purchases diabetes kits.
  • $150 stocks shelters with antibiotics.
  • $100 buys over-the-counter medicines.
  • $50 covers lab test kits.

To provide full clinical and administrative support for each doctor, Health Care Without Walls hires part-time nurse case managers and sends them to the busiest shelter sites in Boston. The nurses provide basic outreach and care coordination, patient education, follow-up when doctors are unavailable, and help direct patients to referral physicians and primary care providers.

Expenses also include recruiting, training and supervising the doctors, and stocking the shelters with the medical supplies and over-the-counter medicines that ensure a successful health outcome.

Ways of Giving

One Time Donation


More ways of giving

  • Mail a check payable to Health Care Without Walls
  • Tribute Gifts – make a gift in honor of a friend, a colleague, or a relative
  • Gifts in Memory – give a gift in memory of someone special
  • Gifts of Stock or Securities
  • Planned Giving – remember Health Care Without Walls in your will
  • Monthly recurring donation


Inquire about giving programs at: e-mail Health Care Without Walls (781) 239-0290.

You may make donations through the link shown in side bar; by mail with a check or credit card. You may use this form for credit card donations.

Use this printer-friendly donation form for mailing or fax to: 781-235-6819